Publishers Weekly said: "With a little help from Fernando the bull, an overbundance of sweetness, and a healthy dose of mischief, this Christmas story is certainly memorable."

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When Ivy Bryant arrives at Wildcat Hall, she goes from website designer by day to honky-tonk manager by night. How to handle it all? Enter Slade Steele--rancher, firefighter, and proprietor of the Chuckwagon Cafe--who offers his services. Add his award-winning pies and a fiery chili recipe with chocolate to the menu, and folks will stream in the front door. It's an offer Ivy can't refuse, even though the passion between them is already at the boiling point.

Ivy and Slade's love story quickly becomes legendary. Throw in Fernando the bull, cattle rustlers, and a wild trail drive, and the scene is set for Wildcat Bluff to celebrate a rollicking cowboy Christmas.

     "You look like you could use a little help," Slade Steele said.

     Ivy Bryant froze with her hands in the air holding a string of Christmas tinsel as she felt the deep male voice with that melodic slow cadence of a born and bred Texan strike her body and go deep. Talk about red hot. She tried to shrug off the heat, but the chair shifted under her, making her sway.

     "Easy does it," he said. "Chairs have a way of pretending they're bulls sometimes."

     "Bulls?" She didn't know whether to laugh at a joke or appreciate he'd tried to make her feel better about almost toppling to the floor.

     "In my case, I always tried to pretend bulls where chairs."

     "How'd that work out?"

     "About like you'd imagine." He sighed, as if life had been unfair. "I finally had to give up bulls for chairs."

     "I bet the bulls were grateful."

     "Yeah . . . but I've broken a few chairs." He sighed again. "Looks like your chair is keeping an uneasy peace with the floor."

     "That's one way of putting it." She rose to her tiptoes again, trying one last time to get the tinsel to disobey the laws of gravity.

     "Let me help." He spanned her waist with large hands and lifted her so she could easily reach the deer antlers.

Available October 29, 2019 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.