It's been one fiasco after another for newcomer Belle Tarleton since she began trying to turn her ranch into an arts center. Local workers seem determined to ruin her Christmas party plans. She hopes bringing in down-on-his-luck Rowdy Holloway to help with renovations will get things back on track.

Rowdy is the unluckiest cowboy in the whole of Wildcat Bluff County, Texas, and things are not improving that holiday season. The the town matriarchs are on his case and have decided he's the man who should stop Belle's renovations plans. It started as a simple mission, but now Rowdy's so twisted up he doesn't know whose side he's on.

With only days until Christmas, Rowdy and Belle need to tap into their fiery personalities and off-the-charts chemistry if they're ever going to find a way to thaw the ice on this reluctant town's heart.

‚Äč     "Tell me I'm not alone," Rowdy said.

     Belle wanted to tell him something, anything, but her words were frozen somewhere in her mind and all she could do was twine her hands around his neck and thrust her fingers into the thickness of his hair.

     He pulled her closer, hardly moving as he held their bodies tightly together while other dancers whirled round and round the dance floor, making them the center of a multi-petal flower unfurled into glorious bloom.

     She knew they weren't close enough, not nearly close enough.

     "Tell me, please." He gently pressed his temple to hers, as if by doing so he could read her mind and know the true extent of her feelings.

    "You're not...alone."

     He gently placed his hands on her shoulders, leaned down, and kissed her lips. "That's a promise to us."

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