"Here you go. I've finally written A Cowboy Firefighter for Christmas, the book that's been on my mind about small town life in Texas with all its sassy culture, quirky characters, and dedication to friends, family and tradition. Where did I get the idea? Once upon a time, my fun-loving aunt, who was about ninety at the time, stood by our swimming pool in the scorching summer heat, put a hand on her hip, and announced to all, "What we need here is a good-looking pool boy!" Soon lots of cowboys around town vied for the honor . . . and most of them were volunteer firefighters! 



Smokin' Hot Cowboys, Book 4

Shane Taggart looked Eden over from head to toe while his hazel eyes spoke for him, so much so that she understood everything that shimmered unsaid between them. Yes, he knew her in the most intimate sense of the word. Yes, he hadn't forgotten their fire. Yes, he was stoking old flames.

     But it'd only been once. That midnight. She'd thought it had been enough for a lifetime, but right here, right now--no matter the big hole in her heart or maybe because of it--she desperately wanted to make that once a blazing hot twice.

Available February 26, 2019