"Delivers fiery passion with a country-western kick. . .this heart-warming tale perfectly balances sweet and sensual with just a hint of retro chic." --Publishers Weekly


"Here you go. I've finally written A Cowboy Firefighter for Christmas, the book that's been on my mind about small town life in Texas with all its sassy culture, quirky characters, and dedication to friends, family and tradition. Where did I get the idea? Once upon a time, my fun-loving aunt, who was about ninety at the time, stood by our swimming pool in the scorching summer heat, put a hand on her hip, and announced to all, "What we need here is a good-looking pool boy!" Soon lots of cowboys around town vied for the honor . . . and most of them were volunteer firefighters! 

A Cowboy Firefighter for Christmas

Smokin' Hot Cowboys, Book 1

On Wildcat Road, a half-naked man burst out of a pasture and ran onto the two-lane highway. He stopped on the white center line and waved a bright red shirt back and forth high over his head.

     Misty Reynolds slammed on the brakes of her SUV, caught searching for a radio station that wasn't playing Christmas music.

     She gripped the steering wheel with both hands as she screeched to a stop, managing to narrowly avoid hitting the guy. She took a deep breath as she got a closer look at the stranger.

     He reminded her of her all-time favorite candy, Texas Millionaires.